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Many Thanks …

We would like to thank each of you for supporting LANN and for continuing to renew your membership, year after year. Since the appearance of our first Newsletter in August of 2000, our focus has continued to be on Schools, Neighborhoods, Traffic, and, more recently, the Economic Revitalization of our Downtown and our commercial centers.

As you know, all of our writers are volunteers. Most reside in either Los Altos or Los Altos Hills. The dues that you pay yearly cover the cost of: paper, printing, labels, our P.O. Box, and the cost of bulk mailing. Sealing and labeling of Newsletters is completed by LANN volunteers.

Our data base manager is Dave Snow. Dave recently redesigned and rebuilt our website. In addition, he made all LANN Newsletters accessible, through the website, to LANN subscribers, except for the two most recent issues. Once you join LANN, you can access this data as frequently as you like! Dave is quick when it comes to problem solving, always pleasant, friendly and very accessible by e-mail or phone. Thank you, Dave for all that you do to keep us afloat!

And thanks to all of you, our remarkable members, without whom LANN could not exist!

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